Welcome to madTRACER !!!

madTRACER is my lifestyle. Today it has only one partition which called madTRACER engineering, but I hope to develop it as a lot of partitions which will help me to reach the main goal – #cyberImplantation.

As you could understand from my main goal, I want to help humanity to join closer with technologies, to extend technologies in every corner of the globe.

This website is my own blog, where you can find all information about madTRACER project. madTRACER is also my nickname, so you can find my profiles by this nickname or using Contacts page.

I’ve already made the first step to #cyberImplantation – created madTRACER engineering. This partition is about development of embedded electronics and robotic devices mainly based on ARM processors and MCUs. It also contains software development. Public projects of madTRACER engineering are available on Development page.

My additional aim is to give people more knowledge. That is why I created Sci & Tech page where news and interesting articles from scientific and technological world will be placed.

This website has Life page which is about my personal life. Posts there tell you about important moments of my life and other events which are not related to the topics above.

|cyberImplantation| is breathtaking, isn’t it?

P.S.  If you have any suggestions or want to participate in the project, write to my email madtracer00@gmail.com