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Linux software for developer

Hey everyone! In this article I want to tell you how I changed my main OS to Linux and which programs I’m using in everyday life and in the development. Obviously, it’s not completely list of programs cause I improve myself every day.

I changed my main OS to Linux about 6 months ago and the choice between a lot of distribution kits was one of the hardest thing. My friend gave me some advice about it (he said that I should try all of them and use the best for me). I read some articles about the most popular distributions and choose Manjaro.

Now I can say that it’s so good distribution kit for desktop but I also recommend you to try some distributions or read about them to make a decision.

When you will choose a distribution kit you will have the main question “Which programs I can use in Linux to develop and do simple daily tasks?”


Basic programs:

GUI Gnome 3 graphical interface for the comfortable use of Desktop Linux

Telegram App – the best messenger in the world

Google Chrome – browser

Docky – apps panel in MacOS style

Filezilla – FTP Client

Libre Office – the best office programs package

Etcher – LiveUSB creating utility



Inkscape – vector graphics creating

GIMP – image editor

Shutter – shot your screen

TigerVNC Viewer

VLC – media player

Hack – monospace font for code and website 🙂



NetBeansIDE for PC development

Eclipse – RTOS and microcontrollers development IDE

SW4STM32 – Eclipse based IDE for STM32 by OpenSTM

STM32CUBEMX – special framework for STM32

Atom – text and code editor

Smartgit – GUI for GIT

Cutecom – graphical COM-ports viewer

Arduino IDE – simple projects on Arduino and ESP devkits

Upverter – schematic and PCB creating program

Gerber Viewer

Terminal – the most useful program 🙂


In conclusion, I think you should try Linux and make your own opinion about pros and cons of this OS, cause I think it will be more objective. In my opinion, Linux is the most stable system and I really recommend it for you. But choice is yours…

P.S. If you are become interested about Linux and want to know about it, you should watch “Revolution OS”. It describes the story of creators of program revolution.


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