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My new laptop – Mi Notebook Air 13

[:en]Hey everyone! At the end of May I made a decision to buy a new computer because my old HP Probook 450 was too heavy and had old hardware. I chose between two ultra-books such as Macbook Pro 13 and Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 as I wanted to have ultralight and high performanced one. I read about the hardware of two of them, and I understood that I should buy Xiaomi because it has the 8th generation of Intel Core I7 and discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics.

After a week I bought it and changed Chinese Windows 10 to Fedora cause it fully supported GNOME GUI which I really like. At the first glance, I was really impressed by the full HD IPS screen. It might be the best not Apple screen, which I had ever seen. I think it’s really equal to Macbook screen. I can also say that this laptop has a good quality of materials. After 2 months I found just one little lack about fans sound. Sometimes they sounds a bit loud, but I think it doesn’t really matter.

I want also say about OS. I was really surprised that all drivers were installed after Fedora installation except of proprietary video driver and fingerprint scanner. I used nouveau driver for one month but I couldn’t switch to MX150 so I used the instruction from Fedora official site and now everything works properly. I don’t really need fingerprint scanner that is why I don’t want to write my own driver and just waiting for somebody 🙂

I think it’s everything what I wanted to say. I don’t want to describe all about my new laptop because you can read it in reviews. I can just say that it’s great choise for every geek or developer. I’m using virtual machine with Windows for Altium Designer 17 and it works very good. I think that I will just buy an additional monitor to make my work more comfortable.

Thank you for reading! C u next posts 🙂


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