Deploying Qt Application as AppImage

Days ago Anton asked me to deploy one Qt application for him. I was using Qt Creator recently, unlike him, so I have it installed on my computer. At first, I thought that Qt Creator has any built-in instruments for deployment, however, it hasn’t (I haven’t deployed any Qt project yet).

Linux Kernel

Hello Kernel Development

Recently I’ve started to comprehend a grand area of system programming – **Linux Kernel Development**. As always, I’ve also started to find some materials about it.


AVR Dragon on Linux

Recently I was needed to make some project on Arduino. Unfortunately, given Arduino didn’t flash via UART using Bootloader properely (I don’t really know what happened with it), so I decided to flash it with ISP programmer.


madEEG - Introduction

A few months ago I’ve posted about Neuralink project where people want to create a new level BMI (Brain Machine Interface). I became really interested and started to think about something simpler to try brain activity analysis at home.