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Aeroponics station

First Arduino project or How we wanted to grow some strawberry at home. Part 1

Construction of the body. At first we created the project in the CAD program and bought nessesary materials: PVC, hoses and car parts (washer noozles and water pomp). Some days later, we started to create in real life and finished main construction in two days.
Used materials:
1) Sheet of PVC 200x300cm x2
2) Noozles for car window washer x8
3) Hoses for car window washer 600cm x1
4) Water pomp with tank for car window washer x1

Electronics. After some days I received Arduino and some electronic parts at the post office and then we created electronic water pomp control. It was just Arduino, relay module, RTC module and power supply. Code for the project is also very simple, but you can find it on my Github.
Used materials:
1) Arduino Nano R3 x1
2) Relay Module 1 Channel for Arduino x1
3) RTC DS3231 for Arduino x1
4) 12V 3A + 5V 8A Power Supply x1

Now I don’t have enough time to grow something. However, I want to continue this project later. To be continued…