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My English story

Now I’m working on a modification of OpenEEG PCB, so I don’t have technical information. Thus, I want to share you about my language learning process.

I started studying English when I was in the 2nd grade. However, I wasn’t really interested in it, so I used to do everything just for my school grades. 9 years of school lessons gave me basic knowledge in grammar and vocabulary.

In 10th grade I first time went to International Education Fair in our city and I realized that I could understand general idea of speech, but it’s really hard to got details and to speak with representatives.

Soon after that, I decided to start my English extra studying at an education center. I had gone there and tried to pass placement test. The test showed that I had Pre-Intermediate level.

One week later, I went to my first lesson with native English speaker… and I realized again that I could not speak with my teacher, because I felt myself shy. This situation didn’t confuse me. Moreover, I got more inspiration to learn English.

After 3 month I finished Pre-Intermediate course and started speak more freely just because I was needed. Then I started my summer intensive course, where I became Upper-Intermediate in two months.

That months not only gave me a lot of academic progress but also changed my mind about English. I became really excited in English and changed all my gadgets’ language to English and started to read and watch a lot without translation and Russian subtitles.

A couple of months later, I decided to become Advanced and got individual lessons with my last teacher and friend Mr. Delbert. He is from the Philippines and I really like his English, especially accent. 🙂 Therefore, now I’m Advanced, but I learn new words and practice anytime I can.

In conclusion I can say that English is the best language for engineers, programmers and everyone, who wants to speak or chat with people from across the globe. Now I can say for sure that that decision was one of the greatest in my life, because it gives me millions of opportunities in every sphere of my life.

Learn English – make the whole world accessible to explore!!!